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Our Story: A Small Manufacture from Hamburg, Germany.

At first, let’s introduce ourselves. Baturina Homewear is a family business from Hamburg, Germany and we operate an online store where you’ll find the finest robes, pajamas and accessories for men. Let’s take a look at our work process behind the scenes. All products are made from start to finish by skilled experts in our own studio in Hamburg, Germany. Our fundamental approach is the individual manufacturing process, tailored to the customer’s wishes. For this reason, each garment is individually made to order, based on your individual preferences. As a result, you’ll find many size and customization options in our store.

Video: Take a close look at our showroom and studio behind the scenes

Video: How we package and ship orders

How it started

It all started in the late 2010s, when we noticed something is missing in the wardrobe: a fashionable cover-up for lounging at home. That’s when we discovered vintage dressing gowns, smoking jackets and pajamas, which can be seen in many Hollywood films. The traditional of these garments dates far back to the 17th century and our collections are heavily inspired by robes and pajamas across decades. In our robe and pajamas, you can relax with style in the comfort of your own home.

The designs feature intricate details and complex fabric combinations, from different piping, to quilting, lining and tassels. A custom tailored fit and embroidered chest pocket monogram add a truly personal touch to your order. With our passion for the craft, we take no shortcuts when it comes to details. Wearing our dressing gowns is like wearing a piece of art, with precise stitches, piped details and hand-stitched quilting. It’s more than just a garment, it’s a feeling of luxury and display of craftsmanship.

Where our fabrics come from

The majority of our fabrics are genuine leftover materials (so-called “deadstock”). We use them to create small editions, which is part of our sustainability practice. Deadstock fabrics are leftovers or discontinued stock from textile factories. As such, this fabric stock cannot be used in the industry anymore, even though it’s still usable. We source this type of fabric stock and repurpose it in our collections. As a result, you will find many unique and rare fabrics across all our designs and can be sure to own a one-of-a-kind piece. 

Appearances on film, TV, stage plays and more

You might have seen our pieces in quite a few media productions. Below you’ll find a selection of most recent ones.

The dark blue and antique gold robe in Netflix's "Buba" (August 2022). Many thanks to costume designer Silke Faber for choosing us.
Ed Sheeran in the music video "Merry Christmas" (2021) Ed Sheeran wears a custom wool morning coat by Baturina Homewear. Special thanks to Emma Janey Lipop and Tom Lipop for commissioning us to make a custom morning coat for the "Merry Christmas" music video.
Burlesque artist Russell Brunner wears our silver and black jacquard dressing gown
Rate Your Date (2019) You can spot our dressing gown in the German comedy-romance movie Rate Your Date.
“The Marriage of Figaro”, Saarbrücken State Theater (2019) We were commissioned to create a custom dressing gown and boxer shorts set for the stage play “The Marriage of Figaro”.
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