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Men’s English Smoking Cap, Vintage Velvet Smoker Hat

Men's English Smoking Cap, Vintage Velvet Smoker Hat

In the 19th century, warm robes and matching smoking caps were originally worn by gentlemen at home and in smoking lounges. Robes and caps were fashioned in warm and rather heavy fabric such as velvet, quilted or embroidered silk and wool, often decorated with tassels.

For style connoisseurs and fashion history enthusiasts

Shop the traditional leisure outfit at Baturina Homewear. We’re your one-stop destination for dressing gowns, smoking jackets, smoking caps, pajamas and more. Tasseled smoking caps add the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. On a chill-out evening or relaxed weekend. 

Made from velvet, jacquard and brocade, our hats are a modern take on the iconic Victorian headpiece. In addition to our classic velvet collection you can also choose individual fabrics for a custom smoking hat. New styles include brocade with intricate patterns. For example, novelty patterns, classic floral motifs. Available in rich shades of gold and navy blue. They make a great statement piece for your lounging look, collectible or gift. Handmade in our studio in Hamburg, Germany.

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