A Leisurely Sunday Morning Stroll in Dressing Gown and Pajamas

Join us for a walk on the famous Hamburg Fischmarkt – home to one of the oldest marketplaces in Europe and one of the top stops for cruise liners.

In our robes and pajamas, you can be sure to have the most up to date resort wardrobe. From classic chevron patterns, to a bold red fleur de lys motif — Baturina Homewear is your one-stop destination for luxury and comfort.

With its geometric black and gold design, our chevron dressing gown truly has an Art Decor and Great Gatsby feeling to it. It’s made from a quite heavy cotton jacquard, so it’s even a good option for cold months.

The red and black fleur de lys dressing gown not only has a striking classic color combination, it’s also has a really nice medium weight to it, not too light, not too heavy. Perfect for year-round comfort and style. 

One of our newst additions of fabrics is the gorgeous black faux fur. It’s similar to our cotton velvet, but has an even more unique soft texture. It’s heavy and warm as well and is perfect for chilly temperatures. The look and feel of the faux fur is quite dramatic and elegant.

Pair any of these vintage-inspired dressing gowns with our gold satin pajamas for an instant classic loungewear look.

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At Baturina Homewear, all designs are 100% made in Germany. We create each robe from start to finish in our own studio. Our skilled experts individually work on each piece. As we use limited edition fabrics, you can be sure to own a very rare garment. We offer monogram embroidery and custom tailoring, to add a truly personal touch to your order.

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