Autumn Mood: Colorful, Elegant and Warm Lounging Robes

Discover extra warm men’s dressing gowns and elegant robes in rich colors and patterns. Here in Hamburg , Germany, where Baturina Homewear is located, temperatures get colder and the city takes on a golden-orange hue. In this photo story, we caught the last glimpse of summer at sunset.

Men’s Pajamas Set Gold Satin Cotton

$184.08 excl. Sales Tax

In our bold, colorful and warm dressing gowns you will be prepared for any weather and season. From golden-brown hues to a vibrant shade of burgundy, discover our hand-picked autumn selection for 2022.

At Baturina Homewear, each dressing gown is the result of hours of skilled craftwork. Find out how we make each robe in our editorial post Our Story: A Small Manufacture from Hamburg, Germany.

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