Christoph Waltz Wears the Pastel Blue Dressing Gown

German-Austrian actor and Tarantino-movie star Christoph Waltz is featured in one of our dressing gowns in Allianz most recent global compaign.

christoph waltz robe dressing gown allianz

In the ‘Start Making Cents’ ad campaign, viewers see actor Christoph Waltz carry out various daily rituals, from debobbling his sweaters to elaborately applying moisturizer.

As he very carefully completes each task, it becomes obvious that the care and thought that he puts into them could also be applied to managing money, especially when it comes to investments – which is where Allianz comes in, the Munich-headquartered multinational financial service company highlighting how it hopes to make people ”think twice” before making money decisions.

Amy Houston, The Drum

christoph waltz robe dressing gown

The campaign features our pastel blue floral cotton dressing gown with a black quilted shawl collar and gold details, that perfectly matches the teal blue interior in the bathroom scene. Special thanks to wardrobe stylist Oscar Charapantier for choosing our dressing gown.

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