Elevate your comfort: opt for a custom floor length dressing gown

Embrace the perfect fit and unlock the benefits of custom-sized clothing—where style and comfort converge seamlessly.

In a world of mass-produced fashion, custom-sized clothing emerges as a beacon of individuality, style, and comfort. It’s an investment that pays dividends in terms of confidence, aesthetics, and overall satisfaction.

Different people have varying height and body proportions. At Baturina Homewear, we offer robes in multiple lengths, allowing you to choose a length that suits your individual body shape and personal style. Whether you prefer a short or floor length dressing gown, we’ve got you covered with 15 custom length choices for your new robe.

From 80 to 150 cm, or 31 to 59 inches, you can be sure to find the perfect length for your comfort and style. Check out our guide below how to choose the perfect robe length:

What length should I choose for my robe?

We recommend the following styles, based on body height. Use the information below to get a better idea what length to choose.

01sizeguide pics
Smoking jacket

175-189 cm: 85 cm 

166-176 cm: 80 cm

185-196 cm: 90 cm

5'9 - 6'1: 33 7/16

5'5 - 5'7: 31 1/2

6'2 - 6'5: 35 7/16

02sizeguide pics
Knee Length

175-189 cm: 115 cm 

166-176 cm: 95 cm

185-196 cm: 120 cm

5'9 - 6'1: 45 1/4

5'5 - 5'7: 37 3/8

6'2 - 6'5: 47 1/4

03sizeguide pics
Mid-Calf Length

175-189 cm: 125 cm 

166-176 cm: 115 cm

185-196 cm: 135 cm

5'9 - 6'1: 49 3/16

5'5 - 5'7: 45 1/4

6'2 - 6'5: 53 1/8

04sizeguide pics
Above ankle

175-189 cm: 135 cm 

166-176 cm: 125 cm

185-196 cm: 140 cm

5'9 - 6'1: 53 1/8

5'5 - 5'7: 49 3/16

6'2 - 6'5: 55 1/8

05sizeguide pics
Floor length

175-189 cm: 140 cm 

166-176 cm: 135 cm

185-196 cm: 150 cm

5'9 - 6'1: 55 1/8

5'5 - 5'7: 53 1/8

6'2 - 6'5: 59 1/16

How to measure robe length

Measure from the base of the neck at the back down to the preferred point.


In the video below we show you a few different length options in person:

Why choose Baturina Homewear?

We care about what you wear at home – from the cozy dressing gown to traditional piped pajamas. That’s why our collections combine the bespoke and sustainable experience. Our robes and pajamas are individually made for you, and we offer many ways to personalize your order, from monogram embroidery to a custom fit, to your own custom fabric choice. Enjoy a wide range of unique fabrics, sourced from Europe and available in limited quantities. We believe that a garment that’s made to be worn in the privacy of the home should fully reflect your personal taste, be environmentally conscious and affordable.

What makes Baturina Homewear’s collections stand out?

Our robes and pajamas are inspired by fashion of the past decades and its influences, from the banyan robe to the smoking jacket worn in old Hollywood movies. The collections feature both flamboyant and minimalist designs. Overall, Baturina’s collections are designed to bring traditional silhouettes and historical inspiration into the contemporary wardrobe.

What is a dressing gown used for?

Historically, a robe has been worn in cigar lounges and was known as the iconic short smoking jacket. And before central heating was available, robes were meant to keep warm around the house. Some believe that you must live in a mansion (or castle) to justify wearing a dressing gown, but luckily that is not mandatory. A comfortable robe seamlessly fits into your everyday activities. Whether you’re sipping coffee in the morning, catch some fresh air on the balcony of your apartment, or respond to emails late at night, a cozy robe makes life much richer. This informal type of garment is a unique addition to your wardrobe and is designed for your privacy, convenience, and well-being.

What is the difference between a bathrobe and a dressing gown?

The terms “dressing gown” and “bathrobe” are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two. A dressing gown is typically a loose-fitting garment worn over clothes or nightwear for lounging around the house. A bathrobe, on the other hand, is designed to be worn after bathing or showering to absorb moisture from the body. At Baturina Homewear you will find a wide range of traditional dressing gowns and timelessly elegant waffle piqué bathrobes.

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