Why do robes have a quilted collar?

Whether it's an early morning or late evening, our quilted robes will make you feel comfortable and stylish

The purpose of quilted fabric is to provide additional warmth, comfort, and insulation. Quilting is a sewing technique where two or more layers of fabric are stitched together with a layer of padding or filling material in between. The stitching creates a pattern of lines or shapes, securing the layers together and preventing the padding from shifting within the fabric.

On dressing gowns and smoking jackets, you’ll often find quilted details on the lapels, cuffs or even pockets. Quilting contributes to the robe’s comfort, durability, and visual attractiveness, making it a more luxurious and refined garment. Quilted lapels provide additional padding and softness, making the robe more comfortable to wear around the neck and chest area. It also helps maintain the shape and structure and creates a plush and cushioned feel.

Forest green quilted velvet made of warm cotton velvet

Here at Baturina Homewear, the quilted fabric is entirely hand-stitched for each robe. It is not machine-made and does not come from the roll, instead it is individually made. That is why the quilting we use on our robes has a very distinctive look. We do the quilted pattern in two different styles: large and fine diamond grid.

Inspired by vintage style

Historically, a robe has been worn in cigar lounges and was known as the iconic short smoking jacket. And before central heating was available, dressing gowns were meant to keep warm around the house.
At Baturina Homewear we pride ourselves in paying homage to vintage design and bringing the dressing gown’s tradition back contemporary lifestyle. The traditional gentleman’s dressing gown is reimagined as a refined ready to wear option. Each dressing gown can be made in any regular size or tailored to custom measurements. You can choose from many length options, like a short smoking jacket-style length or floor length.

Vintage-inspired quilted robes for men

How does this garment fit into our modern lifestyles? Whether you’re sipping coffee in the morning, catch some fresh air on the balcony of your apartment, or respond to emails late at night, a cozy robe makes life much richer. This informal type of garment is a unique addition to your wardrobe and is designed for your privacy, convenience, and well-being.

Purpose of a dressing gown

A dressing gown, also known as a robe, offers practicality, comfort, and convenience for various home activities, making it a popular and timeless loungewear choice around the world. It’s a comfortable, loose-fitting garment that is worn at home, particularly during morning or evening routines. A robe is synonymous with refinement and sophistication and is often personalized with initials embroidery.

Where can I buy men's robes?

In our specialized online store you’ll probably find the largest collection of dressing gowns and smoking jackets in the world. Without a doubt, a nice lounging robe really brings your leisure look to the next level and adds a whole new layer of comfort to early mornings, late nights and weekends. It’s also a great travel companion and makes for a truly unique gift for a partner, friend or family member.

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