What is a dressing gown used for?

Floral jacquard dressing gowns in a wide range of colors

To answer the question “what is a dressing gown used for?”, let’s take a look at the garment’s origins.

Impeccable warmth and comfort made the robe a must-have piece in every fashionable gentleman’s wardrobe. The origins of the modern robe trace back to the 19th century, where banyans or Indian (or Persian) gowns were popular informal leisure garments for the upper class gentleman to wear at home. The garments used to have a loose kimono cut with open front and later changed to a coat-like silhouette with collar, buttons, pockets and waist-tie. What remained the same was the use of bold colors and ornamented fabrics.

Key characteristics of a dressing gown:

  • Loose fit
  • Materials such as silk jacquard, velvet, brocade, damask
  • Decoration such as intricate patterns, piping, tassels, monogram embroidery
  • Long sleeves
  • Quilted shawl collar or lapels
man wearing a quilted lapel robe
Upgrade your domestic attire with a classic quilted dressing gown

Some believe that you must live in a mansion (or castle) to justify wearing a dressing gown, but luckily that is not mandatory. A comfortable robe seamlessly fits into your everyday activities. Discover our wide range of men’s robes, available in a variety of styles.

Historically, a robe has been worn in cigar lounges and was known as the iconic short smoking jacket. And before central heating was available, robes were meant to keep warm around the house.

Popular men's robes

How does this garment fit into our modern lifestyles? Whether you’re sipping coffee in the morning, catch some fresh air on the balcony of your apartment, or respond to emails late at night, a cozy robe makes life much richer. This informal type of garment is a unique addition to your wardrobe and is designed for your privacy, convenience and well-being.

A dressing gown is perfect to thrown on in the early morning
Wrap yourself in comfort in our vintage inspired robes

At Baturina Homewear we pride ourselves in paying homage to vintage design and bringing the dressing gown’s tradition back contemporary lifestyle. The traditional gentleman’s dressing gown is reimagined as a refined ready to wear option. Each dressing gown can be made in any regular size or tailored to custom measurements. You can choose from many length options, like a short smoking jacket-style length or floor length.

In our collection of vintage robes you will find many different styles

Baturina Homewear is a family business from Hamburg, a major port city in northern Germany. We operate an online store where you’ll find the finest robes, pajamas and accessories. Our core values as a business are sustainability, craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing. Often in fashion it is quite ambiguous where something was made, and under what conditions, but we are proud to have a fully transparent production. Our customers can be fully confident about the garment’s origins.

Our designs feature intricate details and complex fabric combinations, from different piping, to quilting, lining and tassels. A custom tailored fit and embroidered chest pocket monogram add a truly personal touch to your order. With our passion for the craft, we take no shortcuts when it comes to details. Wearing our dressing gowns is like wearing a piece of art, with precise stitches, piped details and hand-stitched quilting. It’s more than just a garment, it’s a feeling of luxury and display of craftsmanship.

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