Wool robes: a modern take on timeless classics

nicholas hoult renfield dressing gown robe nicolas cage movie
Nicholas Hoult wears the camel brown wool robe in the dark comedy movie Renfield

Before central heating existed, wool was an excellent choice for loungewear. The 18th century gentleman would wear his wool robe at home, in his study or while welcoming guests. But even today, a wool robe is all you need to stay warm at home, and a celebration of finest craftsmanship. Discover our wide range of wool robe styles today.

Traditional design

Wool robes came in many different styles, featuring plaid patterns, frogging, tassels, quilting and more. You can find both bold dyed wool fabrics and checkered designs in darker shades. Colorful striped cord piping was very often used in wool robes, especially in the 1960s.

1ed sheeran dressing gown orig
Ed Sheeran wears a custom made camel brown wool dressing gown in the Merry Chrismas music video

At Baturina Homewear, we draw inspiration from the past and even use our own striped cord piping, that we had custom made just for us. The navy and white striped piping adds an elegant contrast to the monochrome wool fabric. Our wool robes come in a variety of designs inspired by past decades, featuring contrast piping and quilting.

Questions and answers

What kind of wool do you use?

At Baturina Homewear, we use a thick and heavy wool flannel that comes in a range of classic colors, from burgundy to navy. This fabric is very warm and great for cold seasons.

What is the difference between wool and velvet?

Wool and velvet are two heavy and warm fabrics, but their look and feel is the complete opposite. While velvet has a sumptuous plush texture and extremely dark colors, wool flannel has a rather matte surface and its colors are not as intense. Wool is the perfect choice for those looking for a very classic, traditional kind of dressing gown.

How much does a wool robe weigh?

For reference, a size Medium robe weighs 2.4 kg or 5 lbs.

How do I wash my wool robe?

To ensure maximum longevity of your wool robe, we recommend professional dry clean only. Due to the fabric’s heavy weight and delicate quality, our wool flannel robes are not machine washable.

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