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A cup of coffee in the port of Hamburg and 1800s inspired men’s dressing gowns

Hamburg, a major port city in northern Germany, is where our brand Baturina Homewear was founded. In this photo story we visit a paintersque sport in the harbour, the Köhlbrandtreppe. Built in 1887, these monumental stairs offer a vast overlook of the Elbe river. Rights next to it you will find many cafes, bars and hotels. At the foot of the imposing staircase is a lion’s head fountain, and above it are the coats of arms of Altona and Prussia, as well as the deities Mercury and Neptune, symbolizing trade and the sea. 

The curved iron railings and ornamental decorations are reflected in the exquisite jacquard fabric of our new Hamburg-inspired capsule collection. The fabrics, detailed patterns and rich textures, embody both elegance and luxurious comfort, as well as a truly decadent mood. In this collection, you will find intricately woven jacquard, hand-stitched quilting and luxurious fur details.

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