A Rococo Fantasy: Discover New Robes Inspired By the Late 18th Century

Our new dressing gowns feature stunning colors and contrast details, inspired by French court suits from the 1770s – 1790s. As it was popular at the time, floral ornaments and pastel colors were favored. Some ensembles featured very bold color pairings like green and pink. Shades of red and pink, brown, purple, green and blue were very common in the Rococo period.

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Our inspiration: men's silk court suits from 1770-90

Pastel colors meet bold velvet

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At Baturina Homewear, we created four new dressing gowns inspired by the Rococo period. Three robes are made from a very soft, medium weight cotton jacquard with woven-in large fleur de lys ornaments in soft pastel shades. One robe is made from luxurious satin in a very flamboyant color palette.

These three dressing gowns feature contrast velvet details, as well as a soft silk-like satin lining. Available in the shades of salmon pink, brown and cream white. The woven-in pattern is quite subtle but still eye-catching. If you’re looking for a colorful but understated style, our new robes are just what you need. The robe weighs around 1,5kg (size Medium) or 3,3lbs.  It has a good  bit of warmth to it and is perfect for year-round comfort and style.

A truly flamboyant dressing gown

Inspiration and work in progress
3green pink silk dressing gown mens robe smoking jacket
Green and pink satin robe with paisley pajamas

This luxurious dressing gown is made from soft satins in a truly flamboyant color combination, inspired by court suits from the late 18 century. It features a rich shade of pistachio green and contrasting pink. Collar, cuffs and pocket details are made from a silk-like smooth satin, finished with extra fine hand-stitched quilting and gold cord piping. It’s very soft inside, as it’s fully lined with silk-like satin. Simply fasten with the long tasseled waist-tie.

For this dressing gown, we created a matching pajamas set made from an iridescent jacquard fabric. It features a woven-in paisley pattern with a dark green background ands pink accents. Iridescent fabric is created by the weaving of two different colored yarns in the warp and weft, resulting in a unique and dramatic shimmering look.

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