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The Ultimate Gift Guide

Searching for a gift can be challenging — but look no further! Read our definitive gift guide for 2022.

You may find yourself asking, what is a good gift for someone, who already seems to have everything? What is memorable and unique gift for a family member, friend, partner or colleague?

1. Dressing Gowns and Smoking Jackets

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Of course we must start the list with a our robes — dressing gowns and smoking jackets. This item simply cannot miss in the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Luckily at Baturina Homewear, we’ve got you covered with over 100 of different styles. A lounging robe is a unique investment, that will last for many years to come. It can be worn in the early morning, in home office, while travelling or simply while relaxing at home. This garment adds a touch of timeless elegance to anyone’s personal style. With its intricate design, it is truly a wearable piece of art. Looking for a warm robe? Try our warm and heavy wool and velvet designs. 

2. Pajamas

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Second on the list is the classic pajamas set. Our pajamas sets include a shirt and pants, made from luxurious cotton or satin. Designed for your comfort, the pajamas feature piped details, a button front and drawstring. They’re simply a classic loungewear staple. In our collection you’ll find thin and lightweight sets and warm sets made from thicker fabrics. Another style of pajamas is the robe and pants two-piece combo. It features a lightweight mid-calf robe and long pants or boxers. The pajamas are so comfortable, you might never want to take them of!

3. Boxer Shorts

A pair of boxer shorts is a simple but very effective gift — even more if it’s a unique design and high quality fabric. With Christmas in mind, we’ve made three new boxer shorts in burgundy, blue and black, featuring a stunning gold paisley print. Our satin boxers will make a slightly more modest gift, while being all the more memorable. Available as a set of three in a cotton gift bag.

4. Teapot Warmers & More Home Décor

In the past year we’ve been steadily introducing home décor items to our store. From fine art prints to throws and pillows, you can find several unique home accessories in our selection, that will make an impressive gift. One of the newest additions are quilted teapot warmers — an efficient way to keep your beverage warm for many hours. A must-have for serious tea connoisseus!

5. Gift Cards

Not sure what gift to choose for your husband, partner, father, grandfather, brother, friend or colleague? Let them decide! Our digital gift cards are the perfect gift solution. Enter a custom amount to put on the card and even schedule its delivery date on a specific day. Our gift cards never expire and are easy to keep track of in your account.

About us

All our products are fully made in Germany, from start to finish. Our skilled experts work individually on every single order, meaning one piece is fully made by one person. From intricate quilting, full lining, to elegant piping and tassels, our designs feature many complex details, that you won’t find in most clothes nowadays. For this reason, our dressing gowns and smoking jackets can only be made in small quantities. Most of our pieces are offered only made-to-order. Baturina Homewear is your one-stop destination when your want luxury, comfort and style. 

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