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The Art of the Robe: What Makes our Dressing Gowns and Smoking Jackets So Special

At Baturina Homewear you’ll probably find the largest collection of dressing gowns and smoking jackets in the world.


Without a doubt, a nice lounging robe really brings your leisure look to the next level and adds a whole new layer of comfort to early mornings, late nights and weekends. It’s also a great travel companion and makes for a truly unique gift for a partner, friend or family member.

But what makes our dressing gowns and smoking jackets so special? Read more below to find out everything about how and where we make our robes, what fabrics we use and how our robe can be a true game changer in your wardrobe.

Where and How

All our robes are fully made in Germany, from start to finish. We do not outsource production in other countries. It’s all made locally in our own studio, which we are very proud of. Our skilled experts work individually on every single order, meaning one robe is fully made by one person. From intricate quilting, full lining, to elegant piping and tassels, our designs feature many complex details, that you won’t find in most clothes nowadays. For this reason, our dressing gowns and smoking jackets can only be made in small quantities. Most of our pieces are offered only made-to-order.


About Fabrics

Most of our fabrics are very rare and available in small numbers. This means some designs are made only in a quantity of 25 or less, and you can be sure to wear a truly unique garment.


Our fabrics are made in Europe and we utilize plenty of so-called deadstock, which is a common term for leftover stock coming from textile factories. Usually, this is the type of stock that is left unsold after a fashion season is over.

As a result, some of patterns are extremely rare and you won’t find this in any other store. We repurpose leftover fabrics and give them a completely new life in our collections.

Our collection features beautifully woven jacquards in heavy and lightweight variations, classic paisley patterns, sumptous cotton velvet, lightweight silk velvet, warm wool flannel and many, many more. You will find many bold colors, intricate floral patterns and stunning textures. In that sense our robes are truly a visual treat.

Why you need a Robe

 A robe can be a true game changer in your wardrobe.

  1. A robes helps you achieve style and class no matter what you wear (or don’t!) underneath. Great for welcoming guests at any time of the day.
  2. It helps you to unwind and relax. Simply throw on your favorite robe after a long day and you’ll feel so much more comfortable instantly, we promise.
  3. It will keep you warm no matter the room temperature. Especially our thick jacquard or wool and velvet robes are perfect for chilly weather.
  4. The robe is made to last for many years to come and can become a true family heirloom for future generations.
  5. Wearing one of our dressing gowns or smoking jackets is like wearing a display of art and craftsmanship, and will make you feel inspired. To quote Oscar Wilde: “One should either wear a work of art, or be a work of art”. 

Discover our collection of robes today or have one of our staff help you choose the perfect design for you.

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