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History of the Dressing Gown

Baturina Homewear’s dressing gowns combine historical accuracy with modern fabrics. The resulting designs are a modern take on vintage looks, featuring timelessly elegant patterns, bold colors and handcrafted details. The perfect recipe for comfort and style.

The origins of the modern robe trace back to the 19th century, where banyans or Indian (or Persian) gowns were popular informal leisure garments for the upper class gentleman to wear at home. The garments used to have a loose kimono cut with open front and later changed to a coat-like silhouette with collar, buttons, pockets and waist-tie. What remained the same was the use of bold colors and ornamented fabrics.

Men’s Dressing Gown Black Dark Red Gold Baroque with Quilted Satin and Tassels

​The fashionable gentleman would change into a long dressing gown known as a banyan. He would wear it around his family at breakfast, playing games, such as cards or chess, and while reading in his library or writing letters. Such robes were fashioned in thick woven cottons and silks, often with stunning patterns, to stay warm and in style. The classic shawl collar silhouette is still popular today.​ Impeccable warmth and comfort made the robe a must-have piece in every fashionable gentleman’s wardrobe.

Men’s Dressing Gown Dark Brown Baroque Quilted Velvet with Tassels

At Baturina Homewear we pride ourselves in paying homage to vintage design and bringing the dressing gown’s tradition back contemporary lifestyle. The traditional gentleman’s dressing gown is reimagined as a refined ready to wear option. Each dressing gown can be made in any size between XS-5XL or tailored to custom measurements. You can choose from many length options, like a short smoking jacket-style length or floor length.

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