How to wash your dressing gown

At Baturina Homewear, we design each robe with care. For this reason we make sure that each product includes washing instructions. After all, proper garment care ensures longevity and we want you to enjoy your dressing gown for as long as possible and even pass it down as a family heirloom. The majority of our robes is very easy to clean, with some exceptions like wool, velvet, pure silk. In this post we’ll show you how to clean your robe and hope this information will be helpful!

Video: How to wash your dressing gown

Step by step instructions

  1. Machine wash your dressing gown at 30° C / approx. 80 F using mild detergent. Separate wash for best results!
  2. After it’s done, do not tumble dry. Take your dressing gown out and let it air-dry. Avoid direct sunlight. Turn the lapels and cuffs out and hang the sash separately.
  3. How long it needs to air-dry depends on a number of factors such as air humidity, but usually it will take a few hours. When it’s dry, turn the lapels and cuffs back in. If necessary, you can iron it with low heat, but the air-dry process should keep your robe wrinkle-ree.

Note that robes made of at least 90% wool or velvet should never be machine washed and only taken to a professional cleaning service.  In case of pure silk, separate hand wash is recommend or a professional service.

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