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Did you know? The majority of our fabrics are genuine leftover materials (so-called “deadstock”) and we use them to create small editions, which is part of our sustainability practice. These are either leftovers or discontinued stock from textile factories – that is why in our collection, you will find many unique patterns and colors. In the industry, these type of leftovers often end up being destroyed, but we repurpose them in our collections.


​Cotton is a plant fiber. It grows around the seed of the cotton plant. It is durable, breathable, does not gather static electricity, absorbs and releases moisture or smells quickly. It has been grown for more than 6000 years is known around the world since 1500.
Wool is a natural protein fiber obtained from sheep and one of the oldest fibres known in history. It’s well known for holding warmth.
Polyester is a soft synthetic fiber derived from petroleum.  It takes dye well and therefore has a wide color range. It is very durable and dries quickly. Invented in the 1930s-1940s.
Viscose, also known as Rayon, is a regenerated fiber. One of the first semi-synthetic fibres, invented in 1890. Viscose is a type of soft and silky rayon, made from wood pulp or cotton linter.

Fabric weaves

Fabric is not just about fiber: the type of weave used to produce the fabric is crucial for the final product.

A lightweight paisley jacquard
A thick cotton jacquard


Of one or multiple colours, used to create simple or complex patterns. Very durable, with a luxurious appearance, it has been the cloth of royalty in the past. Unlike a print, where the motif is applied on top of the surface, the jacquard pattern is entirely woven-in. Our limited edition collection and custom design page feature a wide range of jacquard.

Gray wool flannel


Plain, napped fabric. It is soft and retains heat. In our wool collection, we use a heavy type of wool flannel, which is very durable and warm.

Forest green cotton velvet


Luxurious soft napped fabric with a high pile length. Silk velvet is very shiny, cotton velvet is matte. Usually very heavy (depends on fiber). Retains warmth very well and absorbs smells. In our velvet collection, we use a rich pure cotton velvet that has a matte look and heavy weight.

Plain cotton with a multicolored print


Strong, firm fabric with a very smooth, even surface. Available in lightweight and heavier types. In our collection, you can find such plain fabric as the exterior of pajamas or robes, or lining, in solid colors or with a print.

Navy blue quilted satin next to a burgundy satin lining


Smooth, silky and very shiny fabric. The degree of shine depends on the fiber. In our collection satin is widely used for the lining and trimmings.

Dark brown and gold brocade, with metallic thread woven-in


Another version of jacquard where metallic thread is added. It has a very festive, precious look. It has a distinct slightly rough texture, due to the use of metallic thread. Worn by emperors in the past.

Different Types of Finishing

Large quilted black satin
Extra fine small quilted navy blue satin


Quilted Trim

Diagonal diamond pattern, applied to the collar, cuffs and pocket facings. Available in large and big variations. Our quilted fabrics do not come from the roll, they are individually hand-stitched for each piece. We make quilted velvet and satin. Not available as main body fabric.

Plain black satin trim

Plain trim

Plain fabric like satin or velvet is used on the collar, cuffs and pocket facings.

A full jacquard robe with self-fabric details

Self-fabric trim

The main exterior fabric is used for the collar, cuff and pocket details.

Standard piping: a plain satin rope
Cord piping: an intertwined, thick satin rope (comes in solid and striped colors)


Decorative rope, sewn in at the edges of the seam. Our piping comes in two options: standard and cord. It adds additional strength to the seams and makes for a nice colorful accent.

Standard tassels (only for robes)
Round tassels (for robes and smoking caps)


Decorative fringe added to the end of a belt, or to a smoking cap. We offer standard and round tassels.

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