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    Fabric weave

      Tea Warmer Cotton “Dome”

      honey yellow
      light blue
      macha green
      olive green
      pistachio green
      pomegranate red
      steel gray
      $125.95 excl. Sales Tax

      Lint Brush

      $11.63 excl. Sales Tax

      Whisky Soap Rusty Nail

      $13.56 excl. Sales Tax

      Whisky Soap Dandy Sour

      $13.56 excl. Sales Tax

      Lint Roller Set

      $9.69 excl. Sales Tax

      Stain Remover Pen

      $9.69 excl. Sales Tax

      Welcome to our Home Collection: Elevate Every Corner with Thoughtful Comforts

      A Symphony of Scents: Room Fragrances

      Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey with our curated collection of room fragrances. Each scent is a note in the symphony that transforms your living space into a haven of tranquility. Explore the essence of comfort and create an atmosphere that resonates with your style.

      Luxurious Care for Your Fabrics: Premium Textile Care

      Unveil the secret to preserving the beauty of your favorite textiles with our premium textile care range. Gentle yet effective, our curated products ensure your robes and pajamas, from delicate silk to woven cotton, receive the attention they deserve. Elevate your fabric care routine and indulge in the longevity of your cherished loungewear pieces and home essentials.

      Cozy Corners and Artful Nooks: Home Textiles, Art, and Books

      Transform your home into a haven of warmth with our exquisite collection of home textiles, art, and books. Dive into a sea of plush pillows and throws, each a testament to comfort and style. Adorn your walls with carefully curated art pieces that tell a story. Explore the world through the pages of our handpicked books, adding depth and character to every corner.

      Indulge in Self-Care: Body Care Bliss

      Elevate your daily routine with our body care essentials. From luxurious body soaps that cleanse and pamper to after-shave that soothes and revitalizes, our collection is crafted for those who appreciate the finer elements of self-care. Let every hand wash be a moment of indulgence with our exquisite hand soaps, turning the simple act into a sensory experience.