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Personalize your order with Upgrades

Welcome to a world of personalized perfection with our Order Upgrades feature! Elevate your shopping experience by tailoring every detail to your unique taste. Our innovative customization options empower you to transform your order into a bespoke masterpiece, ensuring that every element reflects your individual style.

How it works

If you wish to change parts of your order, such as the lining, piping, tassels, trim and pockets, our Order Upgrades let you conveniently add these customizations to your purchase.

Simply pick the upgrades you wish to add and go through the various styling options to customize your order. Then add the upgrade to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout as usual. We will then craft your order to your preferences.

With a few clicks you can customize any existing robe or pajamas in our store, without the need to create a full custom design from scratch.

Our Upgrades feature is designed in a simple and intuitive way, allowing you to change multiple components of your robe or pajamas all by yourself with just a few clicks.


  • remove or add tassels, change the belt shape
  • change the piping style and color
  • change or add lining and choose from many materials, including pure silk and cotton
  • change or remove pockets

Find your perfect style

Unleash your creativity as you explore a spectrum of possibilities, from choosing the perfect lining to selecting distinctive piping that complements your aesthetic. Fine-tune your order with exquisite trim options that add a touch of sophistication, and don’t forget to explore our many tassel-colors to add that final flourish of elegance.