Our packaging is made from recycled materials. We use recycled cardboard boxes and paper wrapping sheets, to safely package each order. The packaging does not take up a lot space and we do not use any unnecessary components, only the most needed to securely deliver your order. We are proud to say that our packaging is mostly plastic free. Watch the video below to see our packaging in action.

Video: How we package orders


We use limited edition fabrics made in Europe.  Many of our fabrics come from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. Most of our limited edition fabrics are so called “deadstock”, which are industry leftovers. These are perfectly fine fabrics, but are left over from past seasons and no longer sellable in the industry. In our collections, these beautiful fabrics get a new life. That is why you’ll find an abundance of rare patterns and colors, that cannot be found in any other store.

To minimize any waste, we repurpose fabric scraps as often as possible. That is why all our smoking caps, eye masks and throw pillow cases, are solely made from leftover pieces. 

Made to order

At Baturina Homewear, we make all our products from start to finish in our own studio. We do not outsource production in other countries and only produce products individually for a customer or in a small series of less than 25 pieces. The way our made-to-order production works, is that we only produce a design when it is ordered. That way there is no over-production and you can be truly sure to own a unique garment.

Video: Behind the scenes at Baturina Homewear